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Welcome to Hikari! This is the fourteenth theme created by Jyuubi. Be sure to check out the theme blog Manatopia for other free themes.

get the code

The code is available in the Theme Garden!

How to install:

  • go to the theme page
  • choose your blog and click “install theme”
  • go to your blog and choose “customize theme”

Rainbow Days;; without-soul.

Marry Me;; without-soul (requested by makikochu.)

theme features

Among other things, here are the main customize features:

  • infinite scrolling option
  • show/hide captions option
  • photo fading option
  • 6 custom links

#14 hikari theme

Theme Basics

NAME Hikari
CUSTOMIZE Yes/37 options 

Theme Credits

BACKGROUND fivepointsapart